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Welcome to my photography website. While growing up in eastern Nebraska, I spent countless hours along nearby creeks and in the outdoors. My love of wildlife and wild places eventually led me to a degree in wildlife management from the University of Nebraska. It was about this time that I was first introduced to a camera. It didn't take long to realize the two went hand in hand and both have become a passion of mine. Now, it's a rare outing where I do not have my camera in hand. While nature photography is at my core, I continue to be inspired by other photographers' work and expand my own shooting into new areas. The opportunities are endless. Have a look at some of my photos below. I hope you enjoy your time here. I plan to add more galleries as time goes on, so you might continue to revisit the site. Cheers, Mark



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Outdoor Recreation

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Bosque Del Apache

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Wildflowers & Flora

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Desert Southwest

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Nature's Art

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Wyoming Energy

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Wildlife-Human Interface

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Just For Fun

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Widespread Panic

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misc. musicians

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The Dead

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Haight-Ashbury, S.F., CA

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Grand Teton National Park

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